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Founder and Managing Director of Duckworth Prestex

Neil has been in the watch industry all his life. He cut his teeth in the family jewellery business in Bolton, then launched TAG Heuer in the UK in 1982, where he remained in charge for 20 years.

Being a third-generation Duckworth in the watch business, Neil’s ambition has always been to launch his own brand, while honouring the traditions of his family. Now that dream has finally come true.

Making full use of his intimate knowledge and passion for watches, and taking the original Prestex models as his inspiration, Neil now heads up Duckworth Prestex: a family business that follows in the footsteps of a long watch-making legacy.




PR & Marketing

Wendy, Neil’s wife, has a long and diverse background in public relations, working with clients such as Gordon Ramsay, H Stern jewellery, Montblanc and TAG Heuer to name but a few.

She ran her own PR agency in London for many years before moving out of London with Neil in 2010. Now she is responsible for the PR and marketing for the family watch brand, Duckworth Prestex.

Closely aligned with Neil in every element of the business, Wendy helps to reinforce the family values of this unique business.



 Digital Consultant

Tom, Neil’s son, is based in London and is an independent digital consultant for Duckworth Prestex; helping to look after the online side of the business.

Tom studied Physics at Manchester University, but switched to coding in 2015 after finding keyboards preferable to laboratories.

As you’d expect from a Duckworth, he has a huge passion for watches as well as a tremendous enthusiasm for the digital world. Now he’s eager to combine modern online technology with his family’s watch-making history.


 Non-executive Director

Simon graduated with a BSc in Estates Management from Reading University and in 1982 co-founded the hugely successful UK property consultancy, Nelson Bakewell.

Since 2005 Simon has been involved in a number of enterprises as Chairman and Non-Executive Director for companies such as LinkPark Heathrow LLP, Quester VCT plc and Kuka Coffee.

A collector and connoisseur of fine watches, Simon not only brings his business skills to the table, but an in-depth understanding and appreciation of watches.



Brand Manager

Anthony has been fascinated by watches for as long as he can remember. A marketing man by profession he runs his own indpendent media and PR agency in London specialising in Motorsport .

In addition to this, he is brand manager for Duckworth Prestex, helping to launch the brand and translate every aspect of its traditional values into the product you see today.

As brand manager, Anthony is guardian of the company’s strategy: affordable quality, precision and elegance. His mission is to ensure that every Duckworth Prestex watch, both now and in the future, is perfectly aligned to those values.


Head of Aftercare Service

Bev has worked in the watch and jewellery trade for more than 30 years in various roles, while focussing more recently on aftercare for numerous established Swiss brands.

Bev’s career also began at Duval Limited, and she was part of the team involved with the introduction of TAG Heuer to the UK – and the phenomenal success the brand subsequently achieved. Also based in Bolton, she now brings her experience and knowledge to Duckworth Prestex.


Head Watchmaker

Clive has been working in the luxury goods industry for over 30 years and qualified as a watchmaker in 1994 while working at Duval Limited, which later became LVMH Watch and Jewellery UK in 2000. He has been a Head Watchmaker for many years, working only on high-end watch brands.

Clive will be responsible for leading a team with a passion for delivering a five-star service. He is based in Bolton, Duckworth Prestex’s home town, operating in a workshop very close to where the original company was founded more than 100 years ago. Clive’s watchwords are tradition and excellence.